Bristol Bay Flush Deck Reconfiguration

After 24 years in Bristol Bay, B&C has flush decked at least one of almost every boat model in the bay and some models with multiple designs to choose from —our enduring quality of work and reliability to finish each project on time prior to fishing season makes us an asset that our customers can count on. Our craftsmen have extensive procedural and technical knowledge of flush decking and take great care to consistently produce well-made products that can endure years on the water.

Our flush deck molds are customized to upgrade fishing boats to new quality standards. The advantage of this upgrade is that it greatly reduces the crew’s workload, preventing boat crews from tiring quickly, and cuts down on the movement and handling of the fish. All boats, even small or old, are upgradable—using our molded package there is no reason to remain outdated or purchase a new boat. Our molded deck package fits the three most common boat models found in Bristol Bay, however we easily accommodate any model we receive. All of our flush decks are made of a high-quality, lightweight composite.

We know a fisherman’s livelihood depends on quality work, which is why we do every job right the first time. We never overbook our work and ensure that each project is completed on time. We arrive in Bristol Bay in April each year, and each boat is water-ready for the fishing season in June.