Marine Insulation Services

Good insulation is essential for a successful commercial fishing operation. Our extensive research and in-house fish hold insulation designs are widely used and relied on both in Bristol Bay and the Puget Sound. At B&C we have extensive knowledge in the insulation of tenders, tuna boats, long-lingers, and any other boat that requires insulation.

Though we specialize in marine insulation, our skills can expand to accommodate other projects that require insulation techniques, such as commercial, industrial buildings, shops, barns etc.

Spray Foam is a very versatile product that can be used in many applications:

  • Commercial and residential building insulation
  • Vapor, air and moisture barriers
  • Industrial insulation for pipes and tanks, and climate-controlled buildings
  • Slab jacking and cavity filling
  • Packaging, furniture, adhesives and architectural design,
  • Flotation for boats, ships, barges, floating docks, etc.
  • Many other uses